Reviewer Guideline

Please consider the following points if possible:

  • Is the manuscript within the scope of TJPHS?
  • Are the data original and not yet published elsewhere?
  • Is the title informative and relevant?
  • Is the abstract representative of the content of the manuscript?
  • Does the introduction give scientific background and an explanation of the rationale?
  • Is the research question clearly outlined?
  • Is there a clear description of the methods?
  • Is there a clear inclusion/exclusion criterion?
  • Is the statistical analysis applicable?
  • Are the interpretations justified?
  • Are the discussion and conclusions supported by the results?
  • Is the literature cited appropriately and comprehensively?
  • Are the tables and figures clear, all necessary, and well labeled?
  • Are the potential limitations of the study discussed?
  • Do the conclusions answer the aims of the study?
  • Are the references relevant, recent, and referenced correctly (Vancouver style)?
  • Is the manuscript presented in an intelligible fashion and written in standard English?